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14 modern designs to choose from
Starting from R3,500,000 for a 3 bedroom home

Estate Houses For Sale In Johannesburg

An incomparable residential retreat to come home to

Visionary property developer, Nigel Tame believes that architecture is intrinsically informed by people and place. Olivewood Lifestyle Residential Estate is a tranquil, well-managed, safe and secure, high-tech, eco-friendly community. Offering a unique opportunity for a cosmopolitan lifestyle in harmony with nature.

  • 35+ Years Building Experience

    Our 35 years experience will guarantee the best design & development

  • No Transfer Duty

    Pay no transfer duty when purchasing your new home

  • Custom Quality Build

    We offer a personalised service that will exceed your expectations

Home Designs

Home A-1 Detail
Off Plan
Home A-1 - Double Storey
Total size: 240m2
Home A-2 Detail
Off Plan
Home A-2 - Double Storey
Total size: 262m2
Home A-3 Detail
Off Plan
Home A-3 - Double Storey
Total size: 262m2
Home A-4 Detail
Off Plan
Home A-4 - Double Storey
Total size: 293m2
Home B-1 Detail
Off Plan
Home B-1 - Double Storey
Total size: 255m2
Home B-2 Detail
Off Plan
Home B-2 - Double Storey
Total size: 267m2
Home B-3 Detail
Off Plan
Home B-3 - Double Storey
Total size: 279m2
Home B-4 Detail
Off Plan
Home B-4 - Double Storey
Total size: 300m2
Home B-5 Detail
Off Plan
Home B-5 - Double Storey
Total size: 300m2
Home B-6 Detail
Off Plan
Home B-6 - Double Storey
Total size: 325m2


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Stella Gillingham

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